Thank you for being the most inspiring teacher I have met.


Thank you for being my piano teacher. I have really enjoyed playing the piano!!


Thank you for all you have done to help me learn the piano. You are a wonderful teacher! You have taught me to work hard and to practice lots. I will continue to do it at Chatham. Tiara xxx

Betty Koh

Testimonial from student’s mom, Ms Betty Koh
My daughter, Bethany Koh, started piano at the age of 5. After 2 years of lessons Bethany had not been to any exams. A friend of mine told me that it was not right and recommended me to a new teacher, Dr H.C Fang. Not long after she started with Dr Fang, Bethany achieved a distinction in Grade 1. After 3 years of lessons with Dr Fang, Bethany has done her grade 7 piano exam. Dr Fang then assisted Bethany to apply for the music scholarship for her Secondary School (Edgbaston Girls High School, Birmingham, UK). Dr Fang suggested Bethany to play another instrument, in which Bethany had chosen Viola. Dr Fang began teaching her viola as her second instrument. She then passed all her grades with distinctions especially her grade 1, with the score of 147/150. That was incredible! By the time Bethany went for the music scholarship exam she had achieved piano grade 7 and viola grade 5.
Bethany had also auditioned to the Britain National Children Orchestra for a viola place in the under 12 & 13years old category respectively. Bethany got a place in both auditions.
Bethany has also won a number of music festivals piano competitions:
Winner of the 9 year old Northfield Music Festival 2011 (Outstanding)
Winner of Solihull Music Festival 2012
Winner of Duet Open Northfield Music Festival 2012 (Distinction)
Winner of Duet Open Dudley Music Festival 2012 (Outstanding)
2nd place – 10 year old Northfield Music Festival 2012 (Distinction)
2nd place – Duet Open Solihull Music Festival 2012 (Distinction)
Bethany has just passed her grade 8 piano at the age of 13 with Distinction.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Fang for her effort and time for teaching Bethany and under her passionate guidance, Bethany had successfully achieved the Music Scholarship and a place in the Britain National Children Orchestra.
Dr Fang is a very patient teacher especially with young children. She will always make sure they were well prepared for their exams and auditions.
I would like to highly recommend Dr Fang to all the children out there who has the passion to learn the piano, violin and viola.
Thank you.
Best Regards,
Mrs Betty Koh
United Kingdom.

Hannah Xing

Hi Ching, Hannah misses you. You gave her a very good start in piano. We feel that we were very lucky to have you as the piano teacher during the time you lived in Birmingham. We hope to see you again in the UK. All the best to you and your family! 🙂


Thank you Ching for being the BEST teacher i’ve ever known.

Elain Fox

18 months ago, after a lot of thought I decided I would like to try and go back to piano lessons. As an adult, and not at all confident with music I ‘found Ching’. How lucky am I !! Ching has encouraged me all along the way, and has made my lessons fun and exciting. I love them and cannot praise her enough. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I would encourage young or old to ‘give it a go’ because you will not look back.

Christopher Guest

Before we discovered Ching my daughter Amy had struggled in learning violin skills from a succession of teachers throughout the years at primary and secondary school. Although Amy had reached Grade 5 level practical, no-one had ever advised her to concurrently study music theory. She failed three times to pass Grade 5 theory, which is why she changed from ABRSM to Trinity Guildhall for her Grade 6 practical examination – but the violin teacher did not do their homework. Three pieces were required for the exam, but on the advice of the teacher only two were offered. She failed. Amy put this bad experience behind her, and studied for her Grade 7. Unfortunately, her violin teacher called it a day and a replacement teacher came late on the scene – who failed to keep her regular appointments with Amy.

So, just eight weeks before Amy was due to take her Grade 7 exam she was without any guidance and mentor. Fortunately, we discovered Ching: a violin teacher in our experience without comparison. In just eight short weeks Ching corrected all the bad habits that had been inflicted on Amy over the years. The result was that Amy passed her Grade 7 by a considerable margin. Inspired by Ching, Amy set about studying for her Grade 8 exam in just twelve months. Her goal was to pass her Grade 8 before she finished high-school. Saturdays were busy, with City of Birmingham Schools’ Symphony Orchestra all morning and lessons with Ching after lunch. Ching has worked tirelessly with Amy in every aspect of her playing, sight reading and aural abilities. The hard work paid off, with Amy achieving a strong Merit score in her exam.

Amy could not have done this without the inspiration, enthusiasm, dedication, determination and sheer hard work of Ching. I just wish we had discovered Ching much sooner. I cannot recommend Ching strongly enough to anyone seeking first-class music tuition for themselves or for their child. You will not find anyone better.


I really enjoy my lessons. Ching is a professional person and a passionate musician. I encourage people to take lessons with her.


I have observed many recitals with Ms Fang and I am always impressed with the passion and quality of her work

Andi Smith

We use Ching to teach musical skills to people lacking in self confidence. Ching provides the most wonderful belief in the indiviual person. Whilst the musical skills have come on leaps and bounds I can’t help but feel that the real asset is in how Ching helps her students grow in confidence. Ching is a truly wonderful person!

Carol (Leeds)

Ching is a really sweet-natured person. In the few lessons I had with her whilst she was in Leeds, she quickly connected with me at my level of playing ability. Her teaching and encouragement inspires the pupil to learn with confidence.


I am going to say thank you for the piano lesson it was so fun that I want to come to you every week .You are very nice lady.


Andrew and Edwin have been taking piano lessons from Ching for a year now and the boys love every bit of it. She is indeed a great teacher. Thanks for having us.

Mark Deane

Ching is a very good music teacher who teaches me to play the piano, I have learnt a lot in a very short space of time. I thank Ching in helping me to progress so well and this is due to her patience, knowledge and teaching abilities. I will continue to enjoy progressing further and recommend others who are wishing to learn piano to ensure that they choose Ching as she will be happy to improve any ability even from starter level as I once was.

Sammy Allen

Ching is a fantastice teacher and i love my lessons! This has helped me to progress rapidly and i thank her for that! Ching is an excellent teacher- patient, supportive, kind and with a great sense of humour.

Aseel Ali

I have been taking lessons with Ching for more than a year now ..She is the most motivational piano teacher I ever had … She’s passionate about music and has excellent teaching skills.

Ola Ajileye

Hey Ching! I knew from the very first lesson you gave me 2 months ago, that I have just found the most inspiring and motivational music teacher anyone can ever wish for. 2months down the line learning music from you, its like I have been playing Violin for a long time. You approach to teaching music inspires confidence and love for music…I always look forward to my weekly Violin lesson because you teach me something new each time…My daughter can’t wait to be enrolled on your lessons and I know that it will be a great value added for her music aspiration. You are warm and systematic in your delivery of music lessons, a great tribute to your profound skills in teaching and making music an easy and pleasurable vocation. Weldone! Ola Ajileye (Dr) Birmingham, UK


Ching is an excellent teacher!!!

Ya Chun

I am a student from Nottingham and I have Mrs Fang’s lesson every two weeks; she is the best music teacher I have every had so far and I believe she will maintain her place for a very long time!

Mrs Fang is a very systematical and efficient teacher and also an amiable person who is more than willing to give her student the best music education. She is a treasure to music, especially when nowadays good music teachers like her are near extinction; although I travel a long way to learn music from her, it’s worth than anything else because I haven’t had a single time that I felt a lesson was wasted.

Mrs Fang has every factor that a teacher needs, being one of her student is a great pleasure of mine.


Ching is an excellent teacher, i am playing piano pieces which i never thought i could ever play, she has so much patience and she makes it alot of fun to learn, thankyou Ching


Hi Ching,

I really enjoyed my lessons with you because you were:
very clear
incredibly patient
extremely kind
you made it enjoyable
I really liked the way you used the piano to make the music come alive
If I didn’t understand somthing you would explain it again in another way
my dad says I always came out with a smile on my face

lots of love


My daughter was enjoying the lesson with you last Saturday. Thanks lot.
She’s look forward to having another lesson.


Ching is an excellent teacher and I’m really enjoying learning the violin.


Ching is an inspirational teacher, who built on my confidence and performance skills during our lessons. Ching helped to prepare me for my grade 8 violin exam which i passed with a Merit. She also accompanied me on the piano!! she is a genuinely nice person who cares for her students and i am grateful to have had her as a teacher.