Our Approach

Maturing, Loving Music & Learning Effectively

We strongly believe that music is for everyone, regardless of background, culture and status. We want to offer the opportunity to people from all walks of life to learn and enjoy music.

In Selly Oak Music School, we tailor our music lessons to your needs. Our student-focus approach makes sure that you get the most out of your time. We also aim to cultivate student’s love of music and stimulate their potentials as we believe building up student’s self-esteem and competence is essential.

We believe that teacher’s qualifications, trainings and experiences are vital. ‘Quality’ Lessons instead of ‘Quantity’ lessons save you more time and money. As you know a solid foundation is very important during the learning process. Even for young beginners, they deserve the best teacher.  In terms of teaching quality, Selly Oak Music School do not compromise! You certainly deserve the best.

For beginners, the lesson can be started from an absolutely basic level. For young pupils (age 3 – 10), We consider the participation of parents, both during and after the lessons, is essential. Supervising or assisting practising is vital, so childern can learn to do this regularly and effectively.

For pupils who are in higher grades, Selly Oak Music School concentrates on a wide scope of musical training, with the emphasis not just on playing in a ‘correct’ manner, but also focusing on performaning technique, musical interpretation, sight-reading, and historical intuition as trnaforming your ‘performance’ into a ‘fine style’ is our next step.

Our tutors are experienced musicians with at least BA degree, a Master, or PhD degree in music. We insist to provide the best quality lessons for everyone.

After the Lessons:

We welcome students to call back anytime when they have problems. Our tutors will provide answers through the phone, and it is totally free of charge. Also, our online educational videos (Selly Oak Music School on You Tube) are valuable and free resources, and you can learn even at home.